Dust Collectors

In many industrial situations surrounding atmosphere is laden with spillage or escape of very low density solid matter which hampers the production and causes the environmental problems which are detrimental to health. These hazardous particles need to be trapped in dust collection system (centralised vacuum cleaning system) and conveyed to a pre-determined location.


We design and manufacture the complete dust collecting system to handle this problem. The major parts of the Central Vacuum Cleaning System can be either packaged in a modular enclosure which will house the Vacuum source, Vessels and Control. Alternatively they can be separately installed depending on the space and ease of operation.


The dust collection systems have a wide application in various industries such as Automobile, Auto Parts Ancillary Units, Rubber Industry, Chemical Industry, Boilers etc. The units can also be customized as per client specifications. These heavy duty systems are equipped with high performance filtration systems and are fully assembled and pre wired unit that includes fan, controls, motor starter, filters and cleaning system.

Cyclone Type Dust Collector
Bag Type Dust Collector
Back Type Dust Collector