Industrial Fan

Industrial fans designs and manufactures large fans and blowers for various industrial applications. Our entire fan is built to order to individual customer specification and is engineered to provide long and reliable service even in the most demanding conditions.


We are leading supplier in supplying fans and blowers to the power industry, not only for boiler draught but also for emissions control and for the HVAC sector. For the heavy process industries such as iron and steel, cement, petrochemicals and mineral processing, we supply fans, and blowers for process critical applications able to meet the most strenuous demands.


We serve those industries where large-scale ventilation is crucial; providing fans for mining and tunnel ventilation. Among the environmental industries we supply fans for dust control equipments such as Bag filters, Mechanical dust collectors, Wet scrubbers, etc. We adapt our fan designs to meet the precise needs of manufacturers (OEMs) and the end users.
We are active in virtually every industry requiring movement of process air, dirty or otherwise.

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